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The infrastructure will be located on the Prat de la Creu street in Andorra la Vella


After four months of analysis, the Government announced on Wednesday the award of the contest for the creation of the casino, which has fallen into the company Juegos SA. The director general of the Regulatory Council of the Game (CRAJ), Xavier Bardina, explained that the decision was taken this Tuesday, once all the reports made by the different teams that have evaluated the criteria set by the base chart , and wanted to make it clear that each team has worked independently and independently to preserve the confidentiality of the data.

The winning project is the building of new construction presented by Games SA -which had also proposed the location of Caldea- on a plot of the Prat de la Creu street in Andorra la Vella. The Andorran society, together with Austomatic technological partner Novomatic, plans to build a four-storey and two underground parking building with an investment of 14.7 million euros, with an area of 4,000 square meters, which, in addition to the Game rooms, will include spaces for complementary services such as a showroom and restoration areas. Bardina wanted to point out that, although the contest allowed smokers' rooms, the Casino de Juegos SA casino will be 100% smoke-free.

Juegos SA has as partners the entrepreneurs Ventura Espot (consul of Ordino), Gilbert Montané, Enric Pujal (president of the ACA) and Marc Martos, director of Bingo Star's. Apart from access to Prat de la Creu, the building will connect with Avenida Meritxell and will allow the extension of Plaça del Poble.

Xavier Bardina has not detailed the criteria that were best valued for the winning offer, and only assessed that the volume of offers received was good both in quantity and in quality.In addition, he added that there were many similar projects and that the majority had adapted perfectly to what marked the base chart.

Genting is out of competition

Xavier Bardina has informed that the Genting society, which proposed a 20-storey building in the Clot d'Emprivat area and an investment of 140 million euros , was excluded from the analysis process because it had not been credited, as it marked the base sheet, the availability of the land by means of a title of ownership or a lease agreement. The director of CRAJ explained that this was an exclusive clause and that it was at the moment that the valuation table shared all the reports of the different criteria that had been excluded from the tender offer, so that the rest of the criteria have not been evaluated anymore.

Previously, when the envelope A was opened, a request for information was made to the company, which provided additional documentation, but the final legal report determined that the company was unable to prove the availability of the land.

Speaker and Finance Minister, Jordi Cinca, also referred to this issue during the press conference after the Council of Ministers and confirmed that the CRAJ asked Genting "the necessary clarifications, but these were not enough" so that it was determined that the company did not comply with the excluding clause.

Instead, Genting sources have assured that the CRAJ did not make any demands regarding the accreditation of land availability and that they are studying legally if they resort to the decision to leave them out of the competition.

Fifteen days to apply

Once the BOPA has published the contest award award on Thursday, Juegos SA has 15 business days to complete the application for the Class A game license to operate the casino and then the Government has two months to resolve the request. The license will determine the duration of the concession, which according to the law should be between 10 and 20 years, authorized games, opening hours and the maximum period for obtaining the authorization to open, that the Government It calculates in about two years.

At the same time, the other offerers also have a period of one month to be able to request the corresponding reports to be able to analyze them and to exercise their right to challenge the decision if they deem it appropriate.

Asked about the possibility that Genting can challenge the award, Bardina has assured that what was valued to exclude this candidacy is a "purely technical" question, and that everyone was aware that in the contest there were some rules of the game that all have followed. From here, the CRAJ person in charge recalled that "we are in a state of law and everyone has the right to challenge what I consider."

In addition to the publication in the BOPA, on Thursday the CRAJ will also notify the decision to all those involved, both the winning company and the other bidders and the company that has been excluded.

The casino competition, bid in July last year, received 9 offers from business groups, which presented a total of 13 projects. The other candidates , in addition to Genting, were the Spaniards Cirsa, the Russians Mercury, the Casinos of Austria, the French group Barrière, the Cierco group with the French group Partouche, the Raineau Group, and the PVG Group.

Valuation criteria

The projects had to have a minimum investment of 10 million euros, 2,000 square meters dedicated to the public, 200 game positions, multipurpose room for 200 people and parking with 100 places.

From here, the Government has granted the license by valuing a series of criteria, such as the architectural singularity and that the building is exclusively for the casino, which had 10 points, or the central location, with 5 more points . 15 points were granted if all the quality criteria of the facilities were fulfilled, among which the suitability for the activity and the landscape integration was especially valued.

In the economic aspect, 10 more points were obtained through the financial guarantees that had to be contributed to the project, and more score was achieved if the minimum capital required was exceeded. There was also a point if 10% of the popular subscription shares were offered. 15 points were used to assess the economic and financial study.

There were also 10 points that were intended to value the generation of jobs, while 15 points were used to assess the tourist interest of the project and its ability to attract visitors. The experience accredited in the management of casinos was valued with 10 points and, finally, 7 points were awarded to the project that proposed the shortest period for opening to the public, and 3 points if there was a plan of social responsibility and responsible game.

Xavier Bardina explained that the city-planning or architectural criteria have been valued by a commission from the Ministry of Territorial Planning; Those of personal and financial guarantees have analyzed an expert appointed by the Ministry of Finance; the criteria on jobs and social responsibility have been evaluated by Social Affairs; the one of tourist interest has been given by a Tourism technician, and finally the criterion on the technological management has been evaluated by an external expert. The excluding report, on the availability of land, has been evaluated through a legal technical report. Bardina has assured that all the assessment teams have worked independently and separately.


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